• CALCO 2018

    La costura abierta
  • CALCO 2018

    Taller de arte textil
  • CALCO 2017

    Naturalezas de un mundo feliz
  • CALCO 2015

    Fuerzas imperceptibles
  • CALCO 2011

    Mesa Redonda - No Copy Right
  • CALCO 2010

    Intervención - Colectivo Fuentes Rojas - México

CALCO was a platform promoted by FUNHI / NGO and developed projects in Mexico and Colombia. It was directed for 11 years by Yohanna M Roa and a permanent body of collaborators: Carlos Altamirano, Rocio Cárdenas Pacheco, Angelica Palma, and Jorge Lozano.

Around 500 agents from the art world were linked to the projects developed.

In 2022, the Universidad de Los Andes, jointly with the TEC de Monterey, published the Book: Creative Industries, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship of Women in Latin America, which includes the chapter “CALCO, Networks and Intermediation Platform. Promoting dissemination in Exchange, From contemporary artistic practices, by Rocio Cardenas Pacheco. Click here more info or to buy the Book.

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