Wildness For Others Orders • Locuras para otros Órdenes

Permanent or Ephemeral Interventions in Private and Personal Spaces

First Exhibition

Opening August 21th 2020

Curated by Yohanna M Roa


Andrea Rey – Anita Trombetta – Deepjyoti Chakraborty  – Christine Lee Tyler – Isabel Theselius – Jacqueline Herranz Brooks – Jonas Theselius – MAIA Collective – Margaret Roleke – Marko Cesarec – Milton Bhattacharyya – Nancy Sepe – NOMASMETAFORAS – Sadya Mizan and Kaur Chimuk – Shoko Masunaga – Stephanie Díaz Orozco – Taller de arte textil de Cali – Tamara de Laval – Salomé Rodríguez González


With the arrival of the pandemic, confinement and social isolation have become ways of life and production. The house, the apartment, the kitchen, the room or the closet, become places of permanent work, contemplation and production of knowledge. We live in constant negotiation with space we inhabit, with its objects, with food, with our bodies and our minds. Communication with the outside has become a virtual experience. The notion of time has also been transformed, the days pass one after another and it is increasingly difficult for us to imagine the future. In this indeterminate “new world”, we transform the routine, the present into creative acts. (…continue reading)