JMA Expanded Archive

Professor Josefina Mena Abraham created a documentary collection between 1967 and 1976. She was born in Mérida – Yucatán in 1941, when she graduated as an architect at the Tecnológico de Monterey – 1965, traveled to Paris and made a stay at the Sorbonne. In 1967 she moved to London and lived there until mid-1974, when she moved to Portugal for a two-year stay. In 1976 she traveled to Cape Verde for six months, to finally return to Mexico in December of that same year. From her arrival to England (1967), she was linked with a network that supported different social movements, and initiatives in search of justice and social equity in Europe, Africa and Latin America, especially in England, Portugal, Chile, Argentina and Cape Verde. . During this period of time, she preserved the documents that currently make up the collection.

The JMA is made up 1750 documents that are of different materialities: photographs, super 8, audiovisuals and audios on tape, cassettes, posters, newspaper clippings, publications, acetates with machines for printing flyers or posters, architectural plans, letters and minutes, a radio transmitter, a skirt and collages. Dr. Mena donated her collection to FUNHI in 2016, it is currently in the cataloging process and it will be open to the general public at the end of this process.