Since 2007 and to date, CALCO has carried out around 50 activities linking a wide group of almost 300 people, including curating artists, managers, writers, among others. From this activity and with the passage of time, a collection has been formed that includes works donated by artists, memoirs, and a number of documents that are in the process of being consigned.

Pieces, works, sketches

Artist donation 2017
“RoadKill Project” – Artist: Yolanda Leal
Log of images of animals run over on the road- Mexico – United States border
28 images Printed on matchboxes – Digital photography (action record) 8 X 4 cm each
Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico 2013

Artist donation 2007
Landscape – Dax Morrison
Scrap piece of a photographic print, collected from the trash
90 cm X 20 cm – Canada

CALCO Memories